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The Monkey Act by PADMASHREE Akshay Kumar:

Sorry to have put this horribly awkward and obscene picture up here but it is just to draw a ready reference to what I call a MONKEY act – while media & fashion calls it The UNBUTTON act. This is where the mankind has actually evolved from but it is sad to see that some of us have still remained just that - the monkey. Now this monkey has created quite a controversy all around us and is being hotly debated in all media & public forums.
Latest I have heard is that one among us, a self respecting human being, has filed a case against this Monkey & his wife in Mumbai courts for being naughty and obscene in public. My views on this whole episode are slightly different and precisely for this reason I have picked this up as a topic to write about.
While going through the detailed list of Padmashree Award Winners last week, I was rather amused on the overall quality of the people & the personalities in those names. At the end of the long list was a huge question mark - on the credibility and quality of the panel members behind this whole prestigious National Award Tamasha. It was a co-incidence that I had just written about how Mediocrity is spreading as an epidemic in our society and THIS was yet another incident; staring and mocking at me, my views and the deteriorating society at large.
So among all these Padmashree Awardees was also this Monkey – Akshay Kumar. Nobody knows how and why his name was included there. Quite likely that he would have jumped and danced around on a Singh is King number at the wedding reception of a panel member’s son or daughter and this was a part of the compensation deal or a favour returned. From any stretch of my imagination I cannot think of any other valid reason for his name being in that list.
Sure enough, he was there at the award ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan, strictly dressed as a human being (as per the protocol and probably as instructed), moving among the high and mighty to receive his dues for his last year’s shaadi ka jalwa appearance at the farmhouse. And a few days later, he was back to what he actually is – at Lakme Fashion Week - indulging in this monkey act.
We can not expect a monkey to change into a human being in one lifetime or behave as a human being by giving him one Padmashree Award – this is too much to expect from this poor creature.
On a more serious note - Why do we shoot the messenger all the time? Who are the panel of judges for this list? Who is the brain behind the final list of all the National Awards? Why are they not responsible for this act? How can they include monkeys in this list? Have we as a nation run out of any better quality Indian citizens worthy of these awards?


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Facts & Data gets buried somewhere deep under all this rubble, crying for time & attention.
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