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The Trash of India


This is one single newspaper that I seriously consider as a "The TRASH of India".

Today's edition was an epic and at least a few Million Dollars worth of Media Space.
Here are snapshots of the contents for those who might have actually missed nothing at all, except saving Rs. 5/- and a couple of minutes, before it is TRASHED.

You may like to click these images to enlarge, just in case ...


Front Page


Page # 2

Page # 3


Page # 4


Page # 5


Page # 6

ACTUAL FRONT Page, at PAGE No. 7: 
The Trash of India Headlines, only in Half a Page ...

Page # 7

The Trash continues, at Page # 3, actually NINTH Page:

Page # 9


Page # 10


Page # 11

LAST Page:

Page # 24

So that was the 'Main Paper' of today's The TRASH of India for you, 11 out of 24 Pages.
Of course, not considered half a Kilo of newspaper waste in the form of a few Supplements.

And about the supplements of this Trash?  If you put it all together for a month and compile it in one booklet, what you would get is a soft-porn that can be titled -
The TRASH that Tanatalizes India.

It is purely the market dynamics, consumer preferences & buying pattern that decide an advertiser's decision to book media space.

Question: As responsible consumers, do we continue to buy this TRASH and contribute to this insane "in-your-face" advertising tamasha? Think about it ...


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