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IPL – The League of Extra Ordinary Babes and Hunks.

The show must go on!
Just after someone has passed away or after a huge tragedy, people are so restless to get on with their life as they must continue to make some more money, they normally would say – The show must go on! Often heard on the showbiz circuits and award functions like Filmfare, IIFA, Oscars, Grammy etc. It actually means – let’s not waste anymore time in brooding over the tragedy and let’s get on with our lives.
This is exactly what has happened to Cricket in India – It is dead and gone as a True Sport. But the show called IPL – INDIAN Premier League - must go on! If not in India then in South Africa. Venue is not so important, Money is. Money of all the stake-holders. The buying and selling ceremony (Player Auction, as they call it) was a boardroom style Tamasha. The way Ms. Preity Zinta, Ms. Juhi Chawla and the legendary Ms. Neeta Ambani entered the five start hotel in their sexiest business suits & dresses - to buy and sell players - was evident of how proud and full of energy they were – enjoying the high and the thrills of it. And then strolls in the super cool Vijay Mallaya (in his signature “been there done that” style), wearing all of his jewellery and the beach shirt, probably just after the photo shoot of his latest 2009 Kingfisher calendar - looking fresh from the groovy party on those unmanned island locations. A well organized CASINO event for the neo-rich from Bollywood, Petrochemicals and Liquor industry (mafia) - in the full glare of cameras and national media. Soccer, all over Europe is played in leagues including the players being bought and sold by various clubs but not like this – in your face ! A national shame indeed !!
A classic and a grand old sport of Cricket in India has now turned into a Biz + Pleasure + Sport, in that order for no biz, no pleasure and no sport. It is now run by the hunks and their babes. The Hunks invest for sheer pleasure and the kick and their Babes bring in the ROI. Hunks are SRK, Vijay, Mukesh, Ness (?), Raj Kundra (those who have not heard of him just yet – well, he is an NRI angel “investor” and sleeping partner of Shilpa Shetty – excuse me, in Rajasthan Royals). The babes are: half a dozen items from bollywood & kollywood, Neeta Ambani, Preity Zinta, Shilpa shetty to name a few. Then there is this shameless arrogant aggressive super dude CEO – Cheap Executive Officer - Mr. Lalit Modi – the common caretaker of all the stakeholders of IPL. Adding some fizz, masti and action are the Tons of Cheer Girls – willingly offered with pride from the respected upwardly, poor and aspiring middle class parents. Competition here is very tough I heard for each one of these cheer girls have to pass through a chilling and grilling auditions. How fair and lovely! A perfect and deadly combination for a truly masala bollywood flick !! Mr. Karan Johar, where are you?
IPL was constituted last year on the same lines and in the national spirit of the constitution of India – For the people, by the people and of the people of INDIA. The nation was given its due importance, priority & recognition as the very first word INDIAN of IPL. Not anymore, now that it has moved to another location - South Africa. Now it is just another show biz event like a Miss Universe, a Miss World or IIFA or whatever. For all you know, next year the IPL 2010 venue could be The Sun City and the IPL matches will be played on the ramp. It is not Cricket anymore – it is TRICKET. The team with the deadliest, dirtiest and the most expensive tricks will win the event. The Oomph factor, the Pomp and Show must decide who takes the IPL trophy home. A lot of money would be at stake and each and every stakeholder would do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING possible to take IPL trophy home.
India is a large country and hence a market for everything and anything - so is for IPL from SA.
Jai Ho!


  1. Hi Ashish,
    Super.Nice to know that i can still inspire someone.
    Incidentally this was something that i wanted to write about too.My views are very similar.It has simply ceased to be a sport anymore.I consider it something very vulgar.
    keep blogging!excellent start,Ashish!

  2. Hi ! Ashish,
    Nice that you have chosen to put your views across on the net.Must say its a nicely thought of and well compiled article bringing the ugly face of IPL to the fore.Rightly said - all these guys are interested in, is MONEY and only MONEY, Sports is on the Back Burner.
    All the best, Ashish, keep blogging.....

  3. Hi Ashish,

    Very nicely worded article. Hope to see and hear more from you.



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