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"The Hindu" does it again ...

National  |  New Delhi, Updated: September 26, 2015 00:41 IST This is a national English newspaper that is considered one of the 'most respected' English Daily. It enjoys a very loyal and a sincere subscription, that follows it every single day, along with a cup of hot coffee. Loyal readers of The Hindu swear by it, follow it verbatim, some even consider it a part of their preparation towards writing the Civil Services exam - IAS. The fact is, this newspaper routinely publishes 'trash' and has misguided, belittled and fooled its readers, over all these years. Today, it does it again, and with brazenness! The headlines goes like this: Modi accused of flouting flag code   National Bureau Mr. Modi signed on the tricolour for chef Vikas Khanna who said he would gift it to the U.S. President. File photo The caption under the pic clearly states " Mr. Modi signed on the tricolour ". The story opens with a b