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Your Vote is Precious - Use it wisely

"It is never too late to give up your prejudices"   - Henry David Thoreau 121 Parliamentary Constituencies (PC) go to polls tomorrow (17 th April) and 117 PC next week on 24 th  April. That makes it a whopping 238 PC, almost half the electorate will exercise their franchise on these two dates. I thought it would be an ideal time to re-visit some of my earlier posts, just to refresh and share them once again with the fellow Voters. Like someone rightly said: “If you don't Vote, you lose the right to complain”.  So yes, we must Vote! But what is even more important is to Vote with a Well-informed, Unbiased and Fearless mind. So sharing here some of my thoughts and ideas from past blogposts, only to put forward a perspective as a fellow Voter. Disclaimer at the outset would be in order:  This is not an 'appeal' to Vote for a Particular Party or a Candidate.  I am not making a pitch for NaMo as PM – he does not need it.  This is just a perspective