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Of Religion and Politics

“ Under-developed minds normally create differences. Developed minds create visions and differences disappear ” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. I have been following this huge debate on Shantanu’s blog - Satyameva Jayate  for the last week or so - this post is kind of response to the debate on Religion and Politics. The debate initially started off well, discussing FTI  (Freedom Team of India) policies in general but then digressed to the highly emotive Mandir-Masjid / Hindu-Muslim issue, leading to nowhere. Mr. Amar Akbar Anthony (am using a hypothetical name here just to keep the religious affiliation out of the discussion), is a typical common-man in India, God-fearing & self-respecting, always trying to be on the right side, struggling with life to make two ends meet, mostly interested in mundane issues directly affecting his daily life, is genuinely worried and concerned about things like: The rampant corruption around him - from CWG (common wealth games - that does not affect him d