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Sugata Bose, The Rockstar of SLOB ...

Dr. Sugata Bose speech at Lok Sabha on 24-Feb-2016 was shared & liked by the SLOB (Secular Liberal Outrage Brigade) Intelligentsia, last month. Here is the link to that speech: Sugata Bose speaks in LS on a discussion about the current situation in universities  I am quoting from FB & few other comments just to get the idea across as to how well it was received & admired by the SLOB crowd. (I am keeping these comments anonymous as I don’t want to drag names and people into this post making it personal) FB Comment:  Everyone should be watching this speech rather than the chest thumping misleading rhetoric of Smriti Irani. Watch the grace with which mr Bose makes pertinent points. U need not shout to put across a point. Remember empty vessels always make more noise. Another comment elsewhere:  This is how an educated person speaks.. can see the difference.. Yet another comment:  no theatrics but pure content which makes perfect sense ....but not