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A story of Gangland Democracy

There would be no better timing than the ongoing Bihar Assembly elections, to re-read, refer-back and review   We the people of India, A story of Gangland Democracy   –  by   Mr. Maloy Krishna Dhar E-Book is also available for download  here . While the book was originally written in English, I decided to go for the translated हिंदी version – गेंग्लेंड   डेमोक्रेसी चुनावी गुंडाराज . I felt the Hindi version would not only help brush-up my forgotten Hindi vocabulary but more importantly, reading about the Indian Politics (actually supposed to be a political fiction but it does reflect ground realities) that revolve around Bihar, would be simply fascinating. Accordingly, part of this post would have हिंदी lines as original quotes. The book is aptly dedicated to the Indian Youth and Generation Next. I review this work here as I would like to recommend this as “must-read” for every Indian Voter - to get to know the ground realities of Indian Politics & the Ele

Independents in Indian Politics

At the outset, every Independent Candidate deserves an applaud and complements for their courage, determination and the willingness to come forward for public service and offer themselves as an option to the electorate at large. It surely needs certain amount of strength – physical, mental & financial, family-support, to fight against the System by contesting elections as an Independent Candidate. With due respect to every single Independent Candidate, and there are 4000-odd such individuals from the last elections; in my honest opinion, given the current System and the Indian Political scene, they are nothing more than “wasted cannon” in the political-war on poor-governance, inefficient and corrupt System. Independents are also known by various other names and characteristics – King Makers, Fence Sitters, Cat on the Wall, Proxy-Candidates etc. A very large number of Independents are known to have hidden agenda that directly or indirectly links them to such a category. Then there