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Travelogue: Egypt, March 2011

Tahrir Square Egypt, the name itself resonates with a feeling of historical romance, the Pyramids, magnificent Nile, Deserts, Ancient History. But, it was much more than the history this trip, a new chapter in Modern History had just been scripted at Tahrir Square - the birth place of the most peaceful and non-violent civil revolution in recent history to have sent a dictator packing, who ruled and looted the country for three long decades. Having followed the revolution closely and the events that followed , was looking forward to a visit to Ground Zero – The Tahrir Square. Due to similar problems of civil-unrest and freedom-struggle brewing in other countries in this part of the world, noticed while in transit at Bahrain airport that it had a completely deserted look. A housekeeping employee, originally from Kerala who worked at Bahrain airport, mentioned that most of the Indians had already returned home and he was one of the very few left behind. He was also curious to know as