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Epidemic called MEDIOCRITY – Part II

This article is about how a mediocre short-sighted business & economy model is aped from the West, adopted by India Inc and how it is affecting India’s Socio-Economic fabric. West has already seen it all and reached the high point of saturation and point of no return, and the consequences of which are: Sub-Prime Crisis, Global Meltdown & Recession, Toxic Debts in Multi-Trillion Dollars. Clearly & surely, a meltdown (mess-up would be a better word) of this enormity could not have happened in a short span of a couple of years. India as a country is rocking with a revised 6.1% growth projected for 2009, right behind China’s 6.5%, especially considering the current gloomy, depressed and flat business & economic climate. India Inc has come a long way during the last two decades of our liberated economy and How! We have literally converted the sleeping towns of Suburban India into knowledge-worker powerhouses, with the opening up of ITES, BPO & Call Centre shops all over.

50% Reservation Quota for Youth at Parliament.

Below is the full text of my Blog at lead India'09. ============================ 82% of YOUNG India wants to be under Reservation Quota at Parliament... 50% Reservation in Parliament for Youth: 82% say, YES. This is with reference to the on-going “Young India Asks” poll - 50% Reservation in Parliament for Youth? I am very disappointed that 82% of us have already voted FOR, until the time I start writing this blog. This number would surely go up further. It may even cross the 90% mark. I am going against the tide a little in this blog by bringing a sensitive but very important issue up here in this forum. But the facts must be highlighted, actions corrected, debated and argued upon to find the best way forward, in a true democracy like ours. Young India seems to have lost its focus and objective if 82% of us really feel that we need 50% reservation in Parliament. Do we actually deserve this? Will this solve the problem? Have we run out of steam to get there on our own merits, streng

Youngistan needs Young Neta but ...

Full text of my Blog at Lead India'09, excerpts of which (as in Bold Italics ) appeared on Page 2 of TOI dated 4/4/2009 =================== Everyone is talking about voting-in the young leaders for 75% of India is below 40 - Good to know but this is sheer statistics and numbers. Going by the same statistics and some basic thumb rules, the reality however is quite different - more than half of them would be below the voting age so that makes it 37.5%. From these remaining 37.5%, at least half, if not more will fall in BPL category so they are only worried about their next meal my friends, and not the elections. That leaves us with just 18% of youngistan. There are 36 such leaders in Parliament already who would fall under Youngistan category. The point I am trying to drive home is, we are fairly well represented over there already. So, before we all join in this holy task of cleaning up the deadwood to inject some fresh blood into our Parliament, may we please have a report-card pub