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THEY Demonized Demonetisation

Reflecting back on an unprecedented event that would assume 'historical' importance globally - 8th November 2016 will be remembered as the Day of Demonetisation. One good thing 'Demonetisation-Day' of 8th November did to India was spectacular in that the whole Nation arrived on the same page - that of the POOR.  As usual, tribe of Politicians remained most concerned for the poor. High decibel noises were heard from the seats of Designer Journalists, Intellectuals, Communists, Faketivists, English-speaking-urban-middle-class, Key-Board warriors etc. Everyone suddenly got very ‘concerned’ about the ‘Poor’ and ‘Rural’ India. The protagonist of Demonetisation turns out to be the Poor & Rural India, and rightly so, as we will conclude shortly.  Irony just died a painful death when the Poor Indians themselves came out in very large numbers to support Demonetisation (DeMo), even if they had to stand in long winding queues and wait for long hours just to exch