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Indian constitution provides the Judiciary with ultimate powers to Safeguard, Secure and Protect the Constitution, in word and spirit. Judiciary therefore is expected to practice a Zero-Tolerance policy on every single issue related to corruption, Code of Conduct, Transparency, Political Interference / Influence, Personal Favours / Bias, Nepotism etc within the organization. The founding fathers of the Indian constitution would be very sad if they were to witness the degenerated and corrupt state of Judiciary and its apex body SC that is responsible for upholding and protecting the Constitution. It is not in the concept but the fault lies in the people running these apex institutions. The concept of a Free and Fair Judiciary to protect the Individual Freedom of citizens of a sovereign nation is perfectly in place and well founded. Justice R Raghupathy of Madras High Court had made a statement in the open court that a Union Minister had telephoned him in a matter concerning a mark sheet


Making Education & not the School itself, A Desirable Necessity: Today’s education system has become a rote-learning manufactory designed for grinding out uniform results without any understanding and popping out degrees and certificates like popcorn. A mouthful does not get you anything, a handful is not sufficient. To top it all, it is the exorbitant costs that make higher education unaffordable for the vulnerable poor. The Government has been trying its bit to fulfil the basic educational needs of children through its various programs towards providing free textbooks and uniforms, bicycles and mid-day meals, to protect them from malnutrition. But the children have still remained elusive from education for fear of examinations, failures and many other factors. Education, to many in the rural areas and urban slums, is only a second priority after work and play. With the new RTE (Right to Education) Act this week, the landmark Voucher System is proposed, as per which, every private