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Slapgate Saga

It all actually started when Congress Party decided to BUY the non-congress MPs for last year’s UPA trust vote – and this is what they bought - a bunch of uneducated, uncultured & uncivilized thugs. Manda Jagannadam, the Congress MP from Nagarkurnool constituency in AP is one such case, who had switched loyalties from TDP to Congress during the UPA confidence vote last year. Now that he was well settled in the Congress camp, he shows his true colour by walking into AP Grameen Vikas Bank and misbehaving with the Manager Mr. Ravinder Reddy to the extent of even slapping him. He then goes on to say that he was just trying to pacify the Bank Manager by putting a hand on his shoulder but accidentally it touched his cheek – Tsch! Tsch!! Poor innocent Mr. Manda. His misunderstood and misinterpreted act got canned on a live camera and he could not get away with his humble act. Then the usual Tamasha starts – political noise, frantic phone calls, political points, the breaking news and re

Whose money is it anyway?

The Politicians & Bureaucrats in India, cutting across all party lines & positions – are only interested in looting and siphoning-off precious funds and financial resources of the state, generated by the Indian Tax Payer. We the common people, as tax payers, neither have the right, nor the intent, nor the time, nor the recourse, to know how our funds are being utilized and if required, question these servants of ours, for their accountability towards this gross mismanagement of our hard earned tax money. We are only busy looking at those complicated and ever-changing sections and sub-sections allowing various deductions and their respective threshold limits etc., to reduce and save our taxes year after year. We are happy & content with a little bit here and a little bit there kind of tweaking of these tax laws, giving us some perceived and notional relaxation. In fact every single government has used these tax laws as Vote Bank instruments. But we as voters have never ever