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Hindi Controversy - Distortion Alert !

It was funny how this whole Hindi controversy episode flared up and once again the Sickular Anti-Modi mainstream English media loved to celebrate and dish it out for mass consumption.  I ntellectual, English-media followers and research-scholars all engaged in intelligent debates, their social network timelines flashed and flooded with the story, criticising the decision, commenting on how NaMo is going to break the country into pieces. Absolutely hilarious all this and the more I see this empty jingoism, the more nauseatingly distasteful I find our civil society and well-read intelligentsia.  We Indians love to swim with the Headlines and completely ignore the fine print, in fact we find it a waste of time and just rush to share the story on our walls! I wonder if these people even bothered to read the full story and understood the perspective and background of this Hindi Controversy.  Please read on  how English news media served the "Anti-Modi Hindi" story

INDIA NGOnized – Part I

" Our real enemies are the people who make us feel so good that we are slowly, but inexorably,  pulled down into the quicksand of smugness and self-satisfaction " ~ Sydney Harris The recently 'leaked' IB report on foreign funding of NGOs has actually brought the stink out from an otherwise 'holier than thou' community of India that falls under the broad generic category of NGO: Non-Governmental Organisation. In the first of two-part series, let us look at the evolution of this noble concept of NGO to get a '360-degree' perspective. It is important to know where & how it evolved over the last 60 years to get a clear understanding of this terribly crowded space in India known as 'NGO'. Pic Credit: The very concept of 'Social Service' became relevant in India way back in 1947, just after the independence, when Mahatma Gandhi appealed that the Indian National Congress (INC) be transformed into '

Myths about Hindu Temples

"It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view." ~  George Eliot, Middlemarch Every once in a while various links to random articles appear on my timeline at social network sites carrying completely distorted and misleading content related to Medieval History of India. This post is a humble attempt at putting together some historical facts in perspective, only to clear these distortions and help my friends with factually correct information, duly supported with credible sources of information. Distortion Alert # 1 :  Few months back, I came across this post shared by a 'well educated' friend on FB:  ‘ It’s A Myth That Muslim Rulers Destroyed Thousands Of Temples ’ My problem is not as much with the distorted content but more so with the well-educated and 'cultured' friends who consume such content from totally unreliable and morally corrupt sources such as Tehelka, share them widely and then draw twisted conc