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NDTV does it again ...

For the viewers of 24x7 News Channels - NDTV Does it again and exposed. Sreenivasan Jain , NDTV old-timer, one of the leading lights from "anti-Modi industry", has established himself and lived off this highly remunerative "anti-Modi" journalism career spanning over 10-12 years. Sreenivasan Jain ***   Sreenivasan Jain goes for the kill - to interview Baba Ramdev. 'I Am a Scientist Baba', Yoga Guru Ramdev Tells NDTV Starting with some irrelevant details in this article, he finds a suitable spot to insert:  "In an interview at a luxury farmhouse on the outskirts of Delhi" But the main target of the article & the interview was something else - read his punch-line below to get the sense of the agenda (emphasis is mine): "But the normally outspoken Baba, who has in the past been open in his support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP, was oddly muted when asked how he rated the performance of the g