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USCIRF: Watchdog for 'International Religious Freedom'

Caution: Longform. This is in continuation of the earlier post Allow us to visit India: U.S. panel on religious freedom , in which we discussed the 'Hit-Job' Journalism by 'The Hindu' through a Story and a Dummy 'Telehone' Interview by Narayan Lakshman with Ms. Katrina Lantos-Swett, Chairperson of the U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom (USCIRF) . Basically it was a generous 'service' provided by 'The Hindu' to 'USCIRF', the sole objective of which was attracting the attention of Indian Government, seeking an invite for USCIRF Team to visit India and for The Hindu to continue target Prime Minister Mr. Modi. This kind of 'Slave-Journalism' practiced by The Hindu is not something new and it can be better understood given Kasturi & Sons announces Voluntary Retirement Scheme to its employees with 40+ years of age and 10+ years of service. “This initiative is consistent with our commitment to ensuring a pe

Allow us to visit India: U.S. panel on religious freedom

This post is triggered by a story in today's The Hindu: Allow us to visit India: U.S. panel on religious freedom BY: NARAYAN LAKSHMAN WASHINGTON, March 14, 2015 The report starts with a very catchy & popular 'tagline': “Not all questions have been fully answered about Gujarat events: Katrina Lantos-Swett” The story goes on to say: “ Under her leadership and Congressional mandate, the USCIRF continues to produce an annual report on the state of religious freedom worldwide, which in years past had designated India as a “Tier II” or “watch-list” country.” And Further, (emphasis is mine): “ She also addressed the question of what the U.S. administration’s view on the role of Mr. Modi in improving religious tolerance in India was, and whether Washington’s view had changed on the allegations linking Mr. Modi to the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat.” Read again, “allegations linking Mr. Modi to the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat”. This wh

"Ghar Wapasi" ~ Guest Post By: Biju Joseph

“ Ghar Wapasi ” – Does it mean I am not home? Hmmm !!! I am giving it a serious thought. Why not? I was always comfortable with Hinduism. My knowledge in Hindu mythology is fairly decent – even better than some of my Hindu friends. I have always respected and enjoyed Hindu traditions, culture, heritage – well at least most of them (Could never figure out Kathakali for instance – my ignorance, I guess). Was in love with at least half of the Hindu girls in my class (along with half of Christian girls - incidentally there were very few Muslims in our class). They used to look so cute with those chandana pottu , long hair & Jasmine flowers. I can assure you, proselytising was the last thing on our mind - me and friends - when those teenage dolls came trotting down the corridors. Of course none of us could take this to the next level due to utter lack of support from our parents and teachers alike – especially the head master – who used to be a priest - always. I see them as p