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Half-Colonel-Turned-Journo surmonises on Pathankot

Screenshot credit: Dr. Gaurav Pradhan   AWOL = Absent Without Official Leave . The Wikipedia page has since been updated to "delete" AWOL and insert the adjective “Prominent” before Journalist, by none other than the "Half-Colonel-Turned-Journo" himself, as per the latest screenshot below: This little introduction was needed just to establish & understand the true profile of Half-Colonel-Turned-Journo : Ajai Shukla. *** We will be discussing the “expert opinions” of Ajai Shukla, published on two different media platforms as follows: Why the Pathankot op has gone on for so long Dated 5th Jan. Inept handling by the National Security Advisor transformed what should have been a short counter-terrorist operation in Pathankot into an apparent debacle, argues Ajai Shukla. AND Ajai Shukla: Between Mr Doval and the deep blue sea Business Standard Dated 4th Jan. Inept handling has transformed what should hav