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RIP Cricket - it is Tricket now!

Six international umpires are allegedly willing to fix matches for money. (Reuters) Cricket sting shocker: Pakistan, Sri Lanka umpires ready to fix matches at T20 World Cup THE INDIAN EXPRESS, New Delhi, Mon Oct 08 2012, 22:24 hrs Cricket stung again, this time umpires 'caught out' TNN | Oct 9, 2012, 05.03AM IST Question: Do we really need sting operations, blaring over TV channels and the screaming headlines flashed over front pages next morning, to prove the obvious? What once was a fine game called C ricket has since degenerated into what I call as “ T ricket” - A reality show, a Tamasha – sheer waste of precious time. Since last few years, probably after the first season of IPL, I have stopped watching this show, just like every other reality show. But there are millions of innocent cricket-loving-fans across India, who follow the game with their heart and soul. Pouring out their deepest emotions, they discuss and debate the fine details and nuan