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Medical Seats: STING Operation.

Waited for a couple of weeks to get all the dust settle down over this issue and for the media attention to deviate to some other breaking-news after this “TOI-Times Now” joint sting operation of the selling of seats and rampant corruption in admissions in Private Medical colleges. Just one basic question – did we all not know about it already? Why we Indians are in this mode of perpetual denial of the crude reality around us? What this sting & expose is all about? Looks like it is just to create some cheap media sensation and a discussion leading to nothing at all, except for some instant spark in the viewership (TRPs) and circulation of the Times group. Everyone then goes back to conducting their respective businesses, right from the willing parents to the Medical Council. Two consenting parties, even better if called as traders – the student and the institute, are negotiating and transacting business in a peaceful manner. Why should it bother anyone and why take the pains and sp

Freedom Team of India

As we all know, even after 62 years of independence, India’s governance shows no sign of improving, stumbling from one crisis to another. Our security is threatened, our economic growth stumbles every few years, we have terrible infrastructure, and one of the lowest standard of living in the world. Even after a major part of our GDP coming from agriculture, we have our fellow Indians who do not get even one square meal a day, their children do not know anything about education, and, they cannot afford proper health facilities for themselves and their families. Since, the last two decades the Indian scenario has begun to change, some for the good and some for the worse. While each of us feels proud of the Indian dream as an emerging economic superpower, we know this dream can be a very distant one if things around us don’t change soon in other important national spheres. It starts with lack of nationalistic leaders, a political system which is corrupt and decisions driven solely for

IPL Anonymous – A Spoilsport for IPL-II?

Fake IPL Player Blog - 7972 followers and 46 blog posts in 6 weeks flat – 120,000 profile views – WOW !! Here are some very interesting snippets indeed from this curious & mysterious cricketer turned blogger: ###### QUOTE from Blog – “Another sitting with the broadcasting folks has brought out some interesting facets of how thing's work out here. Being right here, I can tell you that the grounds are pretty sparsely filled, especially during the first inning. But the broadcasting team has been told to keep talking about the excitement and the fever at the ground. The camera men have been instructed not to pan towards empty stands. And the producers keep telling the spectators to scream and shout when the cam pans to them. I don't know what you guys sense on TV, but watching it from here, the so-called 'excitement' and 'energy' seems even faker than this blog.” My comment: This one is for those 200 million IPL fans and followers who have spent their precious h