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Of Distortians, Intellectuals and Spin-Doctors

Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters: ~ African Proverb The vast landscape of News, Information and General Knowledge on modern history and current affairs is populated in various intriguing ways in India. This has been a well established fact by now that the History taught in our schools through text-books has very little to do with actual facts and sequence of events. Contents of history text-books are collated in a particular way – read slanted ,  manoeuvred  and distorted . Important and crucial events are suppressed, ignored & censored from being exposed to the young minds. Idea is to push the young ones towards rote-learning by cramming up the historical dates of basic events, mostly birth and death anniversaries, and to a large extent the chronology. No wonder History is considered the most hated subject by the young minds as they do not find any value or interest whatsoever in remembering some dates and numbers.