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The Drift of Headlines & Hashtags

'Salma' gets quoted by Sabrina, who gets quoted by Afrina, who gets quoted by... and then LIES evolute to TRUTH ~ Mediacrooks India, the world’s largest democracy, witnesses massive electoral exercises that shape the nation’s political landscape. Amidst this democratic fervour, journalism plays a pivotal role in informing and engaging citizens. The symbiotic relationship between Indian elections, journalism and revenue, while presenting huge opportunities for media organisations, leaves the citizen in utter chaos & confused state.  Obviously the journalism industry is enjoying the peak season and every player is busy making the most out of it. If we thought newspapers & news magazines survive on our subscription and commercial revenues, think again! News Journalism industry in particular, Print & Electronic both, are able to cover their entire revenue budget for a few years from one single election.  In fact, small time web-mags and regional newspapers survive on r