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Epidemic called MEDIOCRITY – Part I

It is an epidemic that is spreading real fast and getting deep-rooted in our society & our system – it is everywhere – in values, services, business, art-forms, our daily lives, actions and inactions – the effects of which not only can be seen today all around us, but will also affect the generations to follow and may probably even contribute in shaping the future of our nation accordingly. This epidemic has such far reaching and diverse consequences that I will have to talk about it in two parts in order to be precise, focussed and brief, all at the same time. So Part I would only focus on how Mediocrity is fast creeping into our Society and affecting the Social Fabric of our country. India is still very much considered a THIRD World country all over the western world – we may or may not like to agree and face it, has nothing to do with what the West thinks of us and is not going to change. Some of us might find happiness in the fact that until 20 years back we were the country of

IPL – The League of Extra Ordinary Babes and Hunks.

The show must go on! Just after someone has passed away or after a huge tragedy, people are so restless to get on with their life as they must continue to make some more money, they normally would say – The show must go on! Often heard on the showbiz circuits and award functions like Filmfare, IIFA, Oscars, Grammy etc. It actually means – let’s not waste anymore time in brooding over the tragedy and let’s get on with our lives. This is exactly what has happened to Cricket in India – It is dead and gone as a True Sport. But the show called IPL – INDIAN Premier League - must go on! If not in India then in South Africa. Venue is not so important, Money is. Money of all the stake-holders. The buying and selling ceremony (Player Auction, as they call it) was a boardroom style Tamasha. The way Ms. Preity Zinta, Ms. Juhi Chawla and the legendary Ms. Neeta Ambani entered the five start hotel in their sexiest business suits & dresses - to buy and sell players - was evident of how proud and