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Liberalization V2.0: Manufacturing Reforms

Mr. Arun Maira (Member - Planning Commission) writes in ET Edit Pages quite frequently with a specific focus on Manufacturing. First up, Mr. Arun Maira is a man with highly decorated professional career and a proven track record through some of the finest companies. While commenting on his writings, this is to put on record that his credentials & professional work is always appreciated and respected. What draws my attention to his articles on Manufacturing is the evident lack of substance, sheer emptiness, semantics and the romanticism about the general manufacturing scene and scope in India. I ask myself - what happens to these extra-ordinary people with a glittering professional track record the moment they arrive at a position of such authority and power as that of a Member Planning Commission? This is where they actually can contribute big time, rather than just comment or rant like an ignorant common-man like me. The fact is, as a country, we have completely skipped the Man