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T20: Tweens and Twenty-Something

This article is about the generation falling under the age group that can be best described as the first-time voters during the 2009 elections plus the ones who would be ready to vote for the next 2014 elections – so Thirteen to Twenty something and hence “Generation T20”. This T20 generation is all about - I, Me & Myself - My Mobile, My I-Pod, My Playlist, My Network, My Games (Online and Play station), My attitude, My Freedom (?). What is completely missing from the list is: My Country, My Culture, My Society, My Locality, My Family, My Values and above all My Character. This may sound like a very strong negative comment to the extent of being unfair to this Innocent, Naive and young generation of T20, but unfortunately this is a reality. Quoting from TOI, March 29th 2009 issue, an article in its supplement on this generation described as being: “Angry & Loving it, Manipulative, Aggressive and Bitchy!!! Further it says, according to a survey finding, 42% Boys and 45% girls in

A National Shame:

Indian Armed Forces convoy was attacked by Civilian & Political Hooligans. Shocking pictures of this act appeared all over the Indian Press on Sunday, 3rd May 2009. I could not stop asking myself if such a degenerated, uneducated and misguided Indian society really needs to be protected and is worth the Blood and Sweat of brave soldiers and Jawaans of our Armed forces? Are these pictures not a mockery of our democratic rights and freedom that we have grown so used to and is taken for granted? These pictures are proof enough that we have crossed the line dividing the cherishing, protecting and enjoying the democratic freedom over to abusing it. I see no difference between this and 26/11 Mumbai – in fact this is even worse than a 26/11 as the enemy is among ourselves and the attack is from within. There can be no justification whatsoever for such an act. Nothing will happen and nobody will ever get punished for this act. Indian judiciary will sleep over it for years and then one morn
One of the best pictures of Election'09 I have seen in the Indian Press so far.