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FDI - The Final Analysis

FDI in Multi-Brand Retail saga has played out over the last one year and finally ends up as a diversion-tool to the Coal-gate scam and a face-saver for Dr. MMS. Volumes have been written and hundreds of hours of air-time spent endlessly debating the decision. Arguments For V/s Against the decision always depending upon the ideological background they came from – Left, Right, Right of Center etc. This post is not about the debate on FDI - it is about the Final Analysis, from the perspective of a common-man, keeping it simple yet relevant to the issues directly affecting the common-man. All major stakeholders, especially the ones who are heard and talked about in Mainstream Media, have obviously taken the stand on FDI in multi-brand retail depending upon their respective stakes and interests involved. A week after the surprise roll-out of the FDI policy last Friday, 14 th September 2012; the jury is still out and opinion hugely divided on the decision of FDI in Multi Brand Re