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Finding Indic-ism

We Indians are being raised, educated & cultivated under the western education that predominantly is based on the ‘socialist-secular’ system in India. After higher education & employment, we go on to the next level & get ourselves exposed to the ‘free-market-liberal-capitalist’ system. Along the way, some of us get romantically entangled into the ‘Marxist-communist-Naxal’ mindset with leanings towards everything as long as it is Anti-this & that. This pretty much is the distribution of our thought process & mindset. Carefully curated, combed & cultivated, the educated Indians then join the tribe of  ‘ Global Citizens ’. Very few, who are either exposed to or choose to study the  Indic ( Swadeshi ) thought, are generally considered as old-fashioned & orthodox. Let us explore this further.  Panchayat , the web-series that is currently breaking records and pushing the boundaries, is being liked by one and all, across age and genres. Why? Because - somewhere d