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AAP – Theatre of the absurd: a congregation of NGOs, Activists & Bored CEOs

“Road to Hell is paved with Good intentions” AAP: Theatre of the absurd This post is not about Arvind Kejriwal (AK) - the person, the activist. He is way above those who would malign him on grounds of personal integrity, honesty, a genuine desire and intention to do something real good for the Nation. Of this, I am absolutely convinced. I also respect him for taking the plunge into active politics. By doing so, he showed the Sibals and Diggis that when push comes to shove, a common man like AK can pack them into the oblivion. In short, AK is a revolutionary and an activist for public good par excellence. The excitement is palpable The problem started when AK the activist, turns into a willing CM; on flimsy and compromised support of the same whom he was fighting against all these years. He would have done  wonders leading the opposition with 28 AAP MLAs on his side, using Activism to his full strength. Even if it called for an outside support to BJP. This weak