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Lib-Tards and their sense of Politics

Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day.
~ Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807

Elections are the best time to review Political Quotient of LibTards (Liberal Retards). Through this post, we shall discuss and review some 'pearls of wisdom' of these self-styled political pundits and try to assess their understanding (or lack of it) of the very complex subject of Politics.

There are two types of Lib-tards:

a) Those who read & share intellectual stuff on Politics, the Followers &
b) Those who Write, Speak and Post intellectual stuff on Politics.
First, the reader-class LibTards, remember this blog talked about it some time back on the role of ‘Useful Idiots’ ? I would rather replug the link here for the benefit of new readers and save time for the rest. Enjoy it here:

These are basically rootless-wonders, lost in the World-Wide-Web, Western-education system and Virtual Existence. They consider themselves as Global Citizens. They have taken upon themselves the huge task of solving all the problems of the World. They don’t believe in National Boundaries as that is so old-fashioned Nationalist mindset. Never mind the recent global events such as BREXIT, TRUMP, SCOTLAND-Referendum, CATALUNIA, and soon to be FREXIT etc.; all of which clearly indicate the contrary. But then these events are loosely labeled as Uneducated & Illiterate mandate of the 'unwashed masses' towards Nationalism. 

These are the people who would spend hours decorating their Social-Network profiles at ’LinkedIn’ as an Identity, but they feel shy of identifying themselves when it comes to finding their own roots & identity in the real world of Nation-States. 


Now the interesting part as we review the Libtard Comedians of our society. 

Sample these 'Expert Comments' from political observers. When I say 'Political Observers' , it is not a satire and I actually mean it - they are full-time political observers and are considered ‘experts’ in the field due to the ‘extraordinary’ body of work they have displayed in public domain.
27/1/2017: (emphasis mine)
As I predicted, by mid-February, the poor across India would have realised that Modi is a big fool. Elections held after that date will become very difficult for BJP. UP elections are being held on the cusp of this period - I expect BJP to do tolerably well up to Phase 3 and worse in the later phases. 
These comments (and yes, I call it ‘pearls of wisdom’) evolve after deep thinking and understanding the oceanic depth of an article published in The New York Times, are inserted as source of wisdom on the upcoming elections of the most politically-arrived state of UP - a ‘very rough & complex terrain’ of the Hindi Heartland. 
The article goes on-and-on like a rant, quoting sob-stories of the unwashed masses as to how badly they are affected by Demonetisation.

The ‘Libtards’ grab these stories, rush back to the virtual world of Social Network and start dropping these 'pearls'.

Sadly for these libtards, the same unwashed masses, for whom they bled so profusely for months, finally decided to go all out and fully support Demonetisation, as is evident from the UP Election results. Read more about the Demonetisation story here:


Now we move over from UP to Panjab.

28/1/2017: (emphasis mine)
If I am getting it right, BJP-Akali is likely to loose Punjab paving way to a fight just between Congress and AAP. Capt. Amrender remains the only hope for Congress though.....and guess what, the laughter king Siddhu has made a big joke of himself, he is likely to be shoed away by his own constituency electorate!
Key take-aways:
  • fight just between Congress and AAP
  • laughter king Siddhu has made a big joke of himself
AAP was nowhere to be seen in Panjab as per the election results.
As for 'laughter king' Siddhu, not a fan at all, but having won the seat on Congress ticket, it clearly shows as to who made a joke of himself - Siddhu or the commentator.

One more point that we must clearly understand here is that these libtards have very scant regard for the elected candidates, only contempt. So much for the rule of Democracy that they claim to be trying to save. 

Remember, never take those seriously who claim to hold the placard of 'democracy' but never respect the verdict of public mandate.

Oh wait, there is one more on UP, and could not resist inserting this -

7/2/2017: (emphasis mine)
I had predicted that by mid-February, the ravages of demonetisation would haunt Modi. This is a first hand report from UP. While it may well be biased, my objective analysis and past experience of voter behaviour suggests this is true. Voters take some time to wake up, but then they do.
BJP will be wiped out in all state elections currently underway.
Notice the 'smart' key-words inserted to play there, and how:
  • ravages of demonetisation
  • first hand report from UP
  • objective analysis
  • past experience
All of the above failed miserably !


This post will not be complete without inserting priceless inputs of none other than the 'Mother of All Exit-Polls' and the 'Doyen of Psephologits' : Mr. Pronnoy Roy of NDTV (Nehru Dynasty TV) - one of the most corrupt media houses in independent India. Currently under investigation for serious money-laundering charges to the tune of US$ 150 Million. Also facing income-tax recovery of Rs. 525 Crores for concealing this illegal transaction.

Punjab elections 2017: Special analysis of the key assembly polls in Punjab.
Join Dr Prannoy Roy, Dorab Sopariwala and Shekhar Gupta as they identify and analyse the issues and mood of the voters from Punjab.

I call them - “The UnHoly-Trinity”. They are found practicing Psephology just about everywhere - on the rocks, in a park, on the streets; they spend more time on research to find the most bizarre locations to add to the authenticity of the 'manufactured' ground-report. 
Here goes the intellectual conversation: (emphasis mine)

Prannoy Roy: So we went on a trip across the state. Now we are in one the 'predictor constituencies' Bassi Pathana which seem to always pick the winner. So here is our forecast after speaking to hundreds of people.
Our first forecast said Congress had best chance now we say AAP has 55-60% chance of winning. Our first estimates were based on studying opinion polls but now we have gone around the state and spoken to more people and based on these inputs this is what we conclude.
Dorab Sopariwala: For the first time, I saw signs of despair in Punjab. Many people are voting for AAP are saying, "What do we have to lose?"
Shekhar Gupta: For many people, voting for AAP is a gamble. They are willing to take a risk
Prannoy Roy: People seem to trust Kejriwal. A party without a leader has come so ahead
Shekhar Gupta: AAP has gone beyond the identity. People don't care who is the party chief or who will be the chief minister they are voting for issues.
Dorab Sopariwala: It isn't just a support for AAP. It's a frenzy.
Prannoy Roy: Going by the trends, there seems to be a victory for AAP. The question is will it be a landslide.

So you see the big picture now? AAP victory was already sealed. The brief was 'loud and clear' - AAP and nothing else. It is not a joke - this is the most toxic and corrupt 'paid-media' trinity at work for AAP - the party that was built ground up, only to cleanse the corrupt system. It is another matter all together that they are not even willing to declare contributions now; moreover diverting & routing Delhi tax-payers funds towards election-funding and buying the corrupt Mainstream Media.


Then there is another tribe of 'Barkha Dutt' and her corrupt Team, that also fuels the wisdom and political understanding of the league of extraordinary Libtards and ‘useful-idiots’.
Will come back to discuss them in another post some other day.


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