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Finding Indic-ism

We Indians, yes including millennials, are being raised, educated & cultivated predominantly under the ‘socialist-secular’ system. After higher education & employment, we go on to the next level & get ourselves exposed to the ‘free-market-liberal-capitalist’ system. Along the way, some of us get romantically entangled into the ‘Marxist-communist-Naxal’ mindset with leanings towards everything as long as it is Anti-this&that. This pretty much is the distribution of our thought & mindset.

Carefully curated, combed & cultivated, we join the tribe of proud ‘Global Desi’. Very few, who are exposed or chose to study Indic (Swadeshi) 'Thought & Systems' are generally considered as old-fashioned & orthodox. Sadly, the joke is on the 'Global Desi' dudes, as we shall shortly explore.

Panchayat, the web-series that is currently breaking records and pushing the boundaries, is being liked by one and all, across age and genres. Why? Because - somewhere deep down, the audience connects with Bharat. This serene ‘Bharatiya’ connectivity exposes the under-belly of the unfortunate ‘disconnect’ that each one of us have been shown a mirror to. It takes some serious work and admirable creative sensibilities displayed by the Panchayat Team, that have helped bring about this Bhartiya connectivity to us all.

It can not be a sheer coincidence, and the more we go about finding our own path by independent readings it becomes amply clear, that it is purely by deep design that everything even distantly related to primarily ‘Indic’ is strategically kept away from us, until our young impressionable minds are ‘Fixed’. In short, Indic is considered 'out of syllabus' in our Modern Education system.

Let us begin with History, since it establishes our core Identity. It is amply clear that we all were raised with the Nehruvian-Marxist version of our own History. No wonder, till today, we largely remain ignorant and unmindful of the fact that there are brilliant ‘Indic’ (read Desi) Historians & scholars who have left behind a scintillating body of work, based purely on Primary sources of Epigraphic & Literary evidence; and not political leanings. Some of these brilliant scholars that need honourable mention here are: Sita Ram Goel, Ram Swarup, R C Majumdar, Sir Jadu-Nath Sarkar, Nilakantha Shastri etc.

(Concealment of Truth. Statement of Falsehood.)

The celebrity (read ‘Darbari’) historians who made careers out of their shoddy & mediocre Marxist work are well known in the elite academia, routinely seen on TV, Text-Books chapters and Magazine covers; are largely responsible for twisting and corrupting our History. How do we otherwise explain the phenomenal research & study done by Indic Historians that was never ever formally brought about in public domain by the concerned authorities from Education, Culture & History. On the contrary, the work of these Indic scholars was brutally pushed aside & suppressed into anonymity. And, we are not talking about party-politics here. All political parties, national & regional, BJP & INC, are equally responsible for keeping our real history away from us.

Next up, we explore the handling of the most important subject of Humanity: Economics.

Economics is a science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.
~ Lionel Robbins 1935 (English Economist)

It is time we demolish the various imported ‘ism’s that actually limit our imagination & understanding of the subject with respect to India. Tracing the sequence of major global events we have witnessed during last five years, we can safely conclude the expired shelf-life of these primarily western ‘Ism’s as follows:

Colonialism: 150 years, Capitalism: 75 Years, Communism: 50 years, Globalisation: 25 Years, Socialism is nothing but a reaction to Capitalism and co-exists with it.

So what next? Let us try to look in our own backyard, for references & directions.

During the nineteenth & twentieth century, the leading lights in Indic philosophy such as Swami Vivekanand, Lok Manya Tilak (Geeta Rahasya), Mahatma Gandhi (Hind Swaraj) brilliantly explored our fundamental conflict with the Western thought. Economics, as a subject of Science that studies Human Behaviour, is largely derived from philosophy. It was only around 1964 that Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay took this work forward & actually presented a Socio-Economic solution for Bharat, purely based on Indic thought, value-system & philosophy and named it as: Integral Humanism. This is a very detailed & extensive roadmap towards building a robust Socio-Economic model, which needs to be discussed in the next article.

Integral Humanism, as proposed by Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay, is designed specifically for India, with two major inputs drawn from our ancient Indic Philosophy of 'completeness of life' -

i) Four Purushartha - Artha (wealth), Dharma (duty), Kama (desire) & Moksha (salvation)

ii) Individual & Society are inter-dependent and can not be separated from each other.

Western thought, on the contrary, deals only with two of the four Purushartha (Arth & Kama) and is based on 'Individual' rather than 'Family' system. Therefore, all our attempts at practicing imported 'isms' have not been really successful in India – none of them have addressed the Bhartiya concept of 'Completeness of Life'.

We therefore need to bring back our 'History' and 'Humanities' into our academics, to be able to find the Indic'ism that suits us best, as a Society & Country.



  1. It started with Demonetization. It did not give the desired result mainly because of the corrupt Bank officials who converted the black money of the Fraudsters into white. Can any believe in his senses,there was no black money?Anyway, the ITRs have gone up from 3.5% to 4.5%.
    GST- earlier there were 17 taxes,rolled into one.Earlier we used to pay upto 32% tax,in GST,the max.rate is 28 % for limited no.of products. See the joy of the truck drivers,they don't have to wait for entry tax,no bribing.But Infosys, an Indian Co still to fix the glitches, not because of corruption but because of incompetence.
    Covid-19- there is no cure or prevention. We did not have sufficient testing kits,beds.The way out was Lockdowns, to break the chain and buy time for preparation. Unfortunately, the lockdown was not effectively implemented. Congregations galore even after Tablighi. Police was attacked when they went to enforce. In fact,in one state,they were asked to take out a peace March instead of rounding up the Attackers.Attackers are not identified, but described as locals,miscreants etc.The Health and Asha workers are also not spared.The blame is on Modi for the inability of the states to enforce the lockdown, wherever it was done properly like Bhilwara,it gave instant results.
    Migrants- Telengana CM is very clear,it is their responsibility to look after all the needs of Migrants. The Madras High Court is clear,it is the responsibility of the Host States.Supreme also said in similar lines but suddenly NHRC was brought into the picture.The Centre's decision to build house for Migrants one nation one ration card etc.will be hijacked.
    The amount of abuses being hurled by the 2 Minorities seen to be believed. I am also a victim when I write in the newspapers supporting Modi,I will get Hate Mails.Ofcourse the anti' nationals are hyper- active.JAICHANDS HAVE INCREASED MANIFOLD.


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