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Epidemic called MEDIOCRITY – Part I

It is an epidemic that is spreading real fast and getting deep-rooted in our society & our system – it is everywhere – in values, services, business, art-forms, our daily lives, actions and inactions – the effects of which not only can be seen today all around us, but will also affect the generations to follow and may probably even contribute in shaping the future of our nation accordingly. This epidemic has such far reaching and diverse consequences that I will have to talk about it in two parts in order to be precise, focussed and brief, all at the same time. So Part I would only focus on how Mediocrity is fast creeping into our Society and affecting the Social Fabric of our country.
India is still very much considered a THIRD World country all over the western world – we may or may not like to agree and face it, has nothing to do with what the West thinks of us and is not going to change. Some of us might find happiness in the fact that until 20 years back we were the country of Snake Charmers and Elephants but today we are a country of children from the slums getting maimed and forced to beg or swim through shit and yet become millionaire on a reality game show. We have come a long way indeed, but still a Third World - thanks to Mr. Danny Boyle and to the millions of Indian fans who celebrated his mediocre film Slumdog Millionaire. I couldn’t think of any better and more relevant example of Mediocrity-worship - how we, as a nation, have grown to contribute, admire and appreciate without even realising it.
Question is: Who is responsible? Media, Films, Music, Fine Arts, Politicians, Administration, Industry, Schools - The blame list can go on and on but... What about US? As Parents, as Young India (Youngistan) and as Children, What are WE doing to fight this epidemic?
As parents, why do we accept a product or a service that is anything but excellent for our children? Why do we not simply refuse to accept everything and anything that is dished out to us and is not the very best in its category? Whether it is a 24-Hour non-stop non-sense on a TV channel or Education System or Sport or a Film or any other product or service that we see as below-average for our children, for their upbringing as a future responsible patriotic citizen of this country.
Youngistan India - A country with as much as 70% of its population below 40 years is moving ahead with mediocrity, means just that – a mediocre and below average society in the future. The rate at which this epidemic of mediocrity is growing is much higher & faster than the statistics of GDP or Per Capita that we read and talk about everyday; and THAT should be the major cause of concern to every educated patriotic Indian; even more important a cause than Water, Air and Pollution. The focus is on voting-in the young and voting-out the old ones from our parliament during the upcoming elections. Young India needs Young energetic leaders – point very well taken! But have we ever peeped into the past performance of these young ones who are already sitting in the parliament since last 5 years? There are 36 of them currently who would fall in Youngistan age group of below 40, more or less. Their overall attendance and participation in major policy related issues and debates has been abysmally low. None of them have done anything worth writing home about, except for feeding us with pleasing sound-bytes on TV news channels, that too very well calculated and politically correct ones (thanks to the political lineage of most of them). Sometimes even resorting to Jingoism as noticed immediately after the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. Do we now need this spineless and worthless young crowd in the Parliament too? Cafe Coffee Day, Barista and the Shopping Malls are not enough for such a crowd to CHILL-OUT and HANG-OUT?
The fact is YOUNG India has been extremely disappointing in showing its maturity, objectivity, focus & determination. This is the very first generation of a Mediocre India. The result is out and loud in front of all of us. I am horrified to even think of the next batch 10 years down the line – imagine even more degenerated, even more confused and even more lost in their objective and far from the Indian reality.
My travels and direct exposure to the West during the last 20 years has helped me build up a first-hand impression and closely witness a degenerating western society, year after year. And now to see & witness all of this happening back home is not a very good feeling. Independence and Freedom are not synonyms and not inter-changeable terms – they are very different and if history is to be believed, all too often the attainment of one meant the end of the other. Well, this is pretty much the case with India too. While Independence came to us after a long, hard and bloody war, we are yet to achieve Freedom – is it yet another collateral damage and cost of Independence?
The apathy & to a great extent, the sheer acceptance & unintended promotion of mediocrity lies in the simple fact that everything that is mediocre is EASY & FAST – Excellence, on the contrary is always difficult to deliver & to seek. But we forget that the returns on Excellence are far much superior, cherishing & everlasting than a Mediocre product / service. Mediocre is “To Use & Throw” whereas Excellence is “To Cherish Forever”. Apply this logic to everything happening around and the difference between the Mediocrity and Excellence will be loud and clear.
Being a third world agriculture, manufacturing and service based economy as we are in reality, there is no place for Mediocrity. Especially the Gen X and Gen Y, should know that there are no shortcuts and to make it big & successful in life, they simply cannot remain mediocre anymore. Each one of us must strive hard towards excellence rather than stay contended with mediocrity.
To sum it all up – Lets change from Aa Dekhen Zara to Aa Ab Laut Chalein – Embrace Bharat!


  1. hi ashish,

    i think i have problems with some of your views and will write on it after your part 2.


  2. After reading your careless whispers i feel u should now carefully think about entering the world of politics.We need youngistans like you to guide us.
    I agree to most of your views and also feel strongly about it.Thanks for the blog.

  3. Hi Unni - Sure! It would be good to have another viewpoint. Part II would not be too far. keep watching!!

  4. Hi Savitha-I am sure I can not go there with one single vote, that is yours. Thanks for the complement, though!

  5. I have gone thru your article. Appreciate your views on our eroding system. I am not very well read and conversant with Global and Indian data but still I feel like adding something.

    We Indians are part of society who elects the 500 plus politicians to run the country has the per capita income of approx 40 thousand. Whereas the per capita corruption charges will be running 100 plus crores and Declared wealth in 1000 plus crores of these so called Policy makers.

    Talking about fresh blood in politics- Who can think of taking a chance around these so called well established Politicians and their administrative force. Their roots are so well spread in our system that eliminating 500 good people will not take a dime effort. I regret to state that but We do not have any person in our society who can take chance with the lives of their family by going against these people.

    An eroded system can be improved by making good policies and enforcing the same at the same time. Now Who makes the Policy- either these elected corrupt lot or people who are under threat with these people. So even if you make a good policy for face saving, YOU CAN NOT ENFORCE AGAINST THESE PEOPLE, because they are well aware of the loop holes in the policies.

    So save few cases which you can count on hand out of millions pending or not recorded anywhere, no chance of having a clean administration to even 10% of what a common man like U or me can think of.

    So what is the solution- NATURE.
    Yes. Where a majority is either corrupt or under fear of corrupt and powerful, no mechanism can be strong enough to go against that. As it become the nature of the society. After some time there are only these people left who will have the struggle for the survival ultimately destroying everything and giving a chance to create fresh from the beginning.

    You may find my thoughts radical but this is the law of nature where after reaching extreme this becomes the bitter truth and we are knowingly or unknowingly moving towards it either you accept it or not. You can delay the process but can not end it now. It is worse than cancer where bad cells or more than good cells and you can not treat it as you can kill good cells but can not touch bad cells.


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