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Freedom Team of India

As we all know, even after 62 years of independence, India’s governance shows no sign of improving, stumbling from one crisis to another. Our security is threatened, our economic growth stumbles every few years, we have terrible infrastructure, and one of the lowest standard of living in the world. Even after a major part of our GDP coming from agriculture, we have our fellow Indians who do not get even one square meal a day, their children do not know anything about education, and, they cannot afford proper health facilities for themselves and their families.

Since, the last two decades the Indian scenario has begun to change, some for the good and some for the worse. While each of us feels proud of the Indian dream as an emerging economic superpower, we know this dream can be a very distant one if things around us don’t change soon in other important national spheres.

It starts with lack of nationalistic leaders, a political system which is corrupt and decisions driven solely for the vote bank and not in the larger interests of the society and the country. The British formula of “Divide and Rule” has somewhat been deep drilled in the mindset of the Indian political class and they swear by it. This hatred is being rapidly disseminated amongst the Indian masses. The social fabric of the country too is deteriorating as we are becoming increasingly polarized and indifferent towards the state of the nation, our environment and even our families.

We, the educated class of the country have long been rightfully accused of not standing up against the blatant wrong that is quietly witnessed every day. There is enough evidence that this attitude has caused a lot of damage not only to us individually but to the society and country at large. While most of us are momentarily saddened and frustrated to see the current state of affairs, and, end up lighting candles, there are a little few of us who choose to act to bring a change. Most of us learn to live with it accepting it as destiny, while a lot of us leave the country for a more “peaceful” life in a developed economy. Instead of facing the truth, fighting against the system, trying to bring change, we run away, or, sit twiddling our thumbs – discussing governance and state of the Indian polity merely on dining tables, kitty parties, or, organizing debates in schools and colleges. We advise our children to become Doctors, Engineers, CA’s. We dream of becoming entrepreneurs. We guide them to join the civil services and top notch MNCs. But, we seldom want to choose politics as a profession for ourselves. Nor do we encourage our children to take up politics. So, who will lead India? And, thus, India is what it is today.

Time has come, when there is a strong need for the citizens to act together responsibly and stop the steady descent of India. We need to create a sense of pride in India and Indianism. We are responsible for what we make of this country’s present and future. We will be responsible for what we hand over to our children and the generations to come. If we want to see some progress during our lifetimes, we will need to act together. And, hence, “The Freedom Team of India”. Each one of us in the Freedom Team of India has vowed to act, and, act now to bring a change - a change to make India as the India of our dreams - a land which is proudly honest, immensely prosperous, and considered by the world as the land of opportunity.

The Freedom Team of India – is a movement to defend our freedoms and bring good governance to India. It intends to bring together such like-minded liberal citizens of the country to Lead India from the front - to build a platform which can collectively work towards a common simple goal – to make India a better nation.

If you are thinking about a new career option, or, are planning to start a new entrepreneurial venture; if you have been successful but not satisfied with what you have achieved; if you have been wanting to do something selflessly and concrete for India but haven’t had the opportunity to do so; Or, you have been contemplating a platform that can offer this generation of Indians a chance to take India to true greatness, then Come, Join the Freedom Team of India! There are at least 1400 vacancies for great leaders! History beckons you to be a part of this grand organised effort.

To join the freedom team of India:

1. You should be a person of integrity and humility and have the aspiration to lead.
2. You should be a liberal, and, a firm believer of the principles of Freedom with accountability.
3. You should be willing to contest parliamentary or state elections anytime in/after 2014.

If you feel you fully satisfy the above requirements, please join here.

To know more, before you join: please visit:

Lastly, I would like to point out that winning elections is not a simple task. The people of India won’t vote without great confidence in the policy platform and the leaders. Hence, the importance of preparation! FTI doesn’t believe that just by starting a political party good candidates will be found and people will start voting for policies of freedom. It needs significant preparation. Finding good candidates takes time. Preparing them takes even a longer time. Agreeing to a policy platform and publicity material takes more time. That is the key to success. So, if you have your doubts about joining FTI, please be assured that FTI will not take the plunge without sufficient preparation.

The movement to join platforms of likeminded and learned people has also started in the earnest. Our effort is not just opening another political front but to give a serious viable political alternative to the electorate with a full range of well thought out policies based on freedom and liberty. It is thus your first serious chance to be charting a clean political career and be part of history.

Now, if you feel, right now you still are not prepared for it, may I then request you to kindly send me the email addresses of at least 2-3 people of impeccable integrity, who you believe are capable of and may be willing to take up this great responsibility in front of us. We will personally get in touch with them. Alternately, you can forward this to a few such people. But, please do not spam or mail it to everybody in your mailing list.

Thanking you and looking forward to having you in the Freedom Team.