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IPL Anonymous – A Spoilsport for IPL-II?

Fake IPL Player Blog - 7972 followers and 46 blog posts in 6 weeks flat – 120,000 profile views – WOW !! Here are some very interesting snippets indeed from this curious & mysterious cricketer turned blogger:
QUOTE from Blog – “Another sitting with the broadcasting folks has brought out some interesting facets of how thing's work out here. Being right here, I can tell you that the grounds are pretty sparsely filled, especially during the first inning. But the broadcasting team has been told to keep talking about the excitement and the fever at the ground. The camera men have been instructed not to pan towards empty stands. And the producers keep telling the spectators to scream and shout when the cam pans to them. I don't know what you guys sense on TV, but watching it from here, the so-called 'excitement' and 'energy' seems even faker than this blog.”
My comment: This one is for those 200 million IPL fans and followers who have spent their precious hours sitting & cheering in front of the TV sets, every day of the month, deeply engrossed, emotionally charged and sold out to the completely false and made-up popularity of IPL-II.
QUOTE from Blog – “Most of us went out for dinner together last night. Word has it that our team sponsors are asking very uncomfortable questions. Some of the sponsors are threatening to pull out their ads with our team featuring in them. The heat has been put on Boy George. Dildo's asking him to justify almost every decision he has taken through the year. Every expense is now being scrutinised. I think the ground work is on for some heads to roll by the time we return to India.”
My Comment: This is yet another evidence of the sinking popularity and absolute commercial failure of this mega event called IPL-II. Nobody would ever come out with the real story as they all are into it, TOGETHER!
QUOTE from Blog – “I wanted to take some time to answer a couple of questions that have come up several times in the comments section.
One, many of you have questioned the ethicality of this blog, given that I am being paid by Dildo. I don't think so. Dildo's not paying me or anyone else. We are being paid by the 200 Million Indians who are following this tournament. Everybody who has put in money - the tournament organisers, TV channels, team owners etc. - sell rights and properties to brands for big profits. The brands, who have already paid millions, put in a few millions more and advertise on every inch they can lay their hands on. Eventually, all you guys who have spent 4-8 hours in front of your TV watching a little bit of cricket and a lot of advertisements go out to the market and purchase the colas, the mobile phones, the clothes, and the potato chips that you didn't really need. And that's how brands make their profit - from every rupee of your hard earned money that you spend on them. So, my friends, Dildo's not paying me. If there's anyone who's paying me, it's you. It's my duty to entertain you. And I am doing the best I can, with the limited talent I have at my disposal.
My Comment: How very true! This guy is not only a cricketer, a blogger but also seems to be pretty good at understanding the brand promotion, retail, consumer market and media.
Two, some others have been asking me if the matches are fixed. I want to ask you, why fix matches when you can fix the game? You take a 5-day game, make it into a day game, and then further shorten it to a 3.5 hour game. Throw in scantily dressed dancers, cleavage-showing anchors, beauty contests, dumb ass commentators with stupid jokes. And some seriously good competitive cricketers. And you have a magic potion that can hypnotise 200 Million people for 4 hours every day for more than a month. That 200 Million population has more money in their hands than any betting syndicate in the world.”
My Comment: He only got better with every blog post. Experience does add value! Nobody has ever expressed the rapid transformation of Classic Test Cricket into T20 format any better than this, in such few words.
Please also read my earlier post - ipl-league-of-extra-ordinary-babes-and-hunks, that was posted in March'09, well before the event started.