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Decoding NaMo – From The Propaganda Perspective

"I think the greatest single enemy is the misuse of information, 
the perversion of truth in the hands of terribly skilful people."
~ John le Carré

This is the third in a series of posts on NaMo, after the earlier ones:
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Decoding NaMo : From Lutyens' Delhi perspective

This post is dedicated to the millions of ordinary people: self-respecting, law-abiding, well-meaning citizens, who do their daily prayers, go through their daily routine balancing life between job, school, children, parents and family. Among all of this grind there is a routine mundane activity (and every Indian child is ceremoniously “cultured” to get into it over her formative years) that includes reading daily newspaper and watching TV News. Basically, follow the mainstream media to keep one updated with the current events, “knowledgable” debates and “intelligent” opinions, that would eventually shape the judgement and decision of each one of us, as a potential voter one day, to select our Representative candidate or vote for a Political Party.

It has been eleven long years since the unfortunate Godhra 2002 but, the screaming headlines, cacophony of debates on TV, and reams of literature is still occupying the mainstream media space all around us. For a moment, one can not stop but wonder:

“If Godhra 2002 is the only communal riots that ever happened in the history of independent India” 


“Ishrat Jehan was the only fake encounter that ever happened in India?”

No, I am not even remotely suggesting that these unfortunate events are not worthy of a discussion or a debate – but for eternity? I seriously doubt! Events such as these are a blot on any civilized society and indeed should be put through the most rigorous and fair judicial process to take them to a logical conclusion. Once this is done, the society moves on!

Problem is with the selective targeting of an event, keeping it alive feeding with loads of misleading and factually incorrect information and living with it for over a decade. This constant feeding and feasting by the Mainstream Media (MSM) selectively over one single incident for more than a decade, especially when that happens to be as sensitive and unpleasant as a communal violence, even while the due process of law is taking its course, raises a few serious questions: 
a) why this selective “condemnation” and “public debate”?
b) why this “trial-by-media” 24x7 on the selective Gujarat riots? 
c) why even after a decade we still talk about and remind ourselves of Godhra 2002? Considering the fact that Gujarat and the people of Gujarat have since worked towards to ensure that they never had to face such unpleasant and barbaric communal riots in the last 11 years?
d) Even after the Supreme Court has passed its verdict in no uncertain terms and cleared all doubts about even a remote culpability of the CM?
e) No other Chief Minister of a State has ever been testified and grilled over 8 hours for a communal riot, only to be finally absolved of all charges by the Supreme Court. 

Yet, the MSM does not want to let go of it - Why?

There must be something more to it than just meet the public eye – that, my friends, is “Propaganda Politics”. In simple terms, a Lie that is repeated over and over again for 99 times replaces Truth the 100th time. This is the very premise of “Propaganda Politics”. Actors and Players of this game include: Politicians, Crony-Corporates, Paid Academia & Intelligentsia, Rogue Public Servants, Rogue NGOs, Religious Leaders with political ambitions, and most important of all - सूत्रधार - the architect - MEDIA! 

Enter, Narendra Modi (NaMo). For the first time in the political history of independent India, Congress, as a leading party of the ruling UPA coalition, is rattled to the core. Nobody has threatened the very existence of Dynastic Congress other than NaMo. 
Let us break free of the Dynastic Rule by Mobocracy and celebrate the True Democracy!

NaMo is the only politician who does not own a media-house or a TV channel, nor does he hide behind one, to gate-crash into our homes secretly and play his tunes 24x7, unlike most of his counterparts. He communicates directly with us via social media and does not sell any news-subscription to run a hidden agenda. If you like to listen to him, you chose to follow his Blog, Twitter and Facebook Page - as simple as that!!

Anti-Modi literature has turned out to be a hugely remunerative cottage industry over the last decade and all actors of this theatre called “Propaganda Politics” as mentioned above, have benefitted tremendously from this industry.

Coming back to the Propaganda Politics - this is how it works and I quote just a few examples here from my laundry list:

Starting with the mother of all - NDTV (Nehru Dynasty Television) - Nidhi Razdan interviews the British MP, Mr. Barry Gardiner.

Nidhi Razdan's interview of British MP Barry Gardiner on Narendra Modi

I quote Mr. Gardiner verbatim from this interview (emphasis mine):
"…It seems you have no respect for your own Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of India has looked at those allegations, I believe, on a number of occasions. And has absolved Mr Narendra Modi completely from those allegations. For you to be bringing them up on Indian television is extraordinarily strange."
“You are very very keen to talk over me rather than conduct an interview. But if you think democracy is best served by not observing the views and judgments of your own Supreme Court then I am most surprised.”
Now, CNN IBN hot shot, Rajdeep Sardesai was also upset with the British MP Gardiner for inviting NaMo to UK – this is a must watch interview to get a sense of the slant and the agenda, which otherwise goes unnoticed every single weeknight.

British MP Gardiner Exposing Rajdeep Sardesai's biased behaviour against Narendra Modi

Readers may like to know that Barry Gardiner is an MP from a constituency Brent North in UK, which constitutes 51% Asian population and 32% Hindu. Unlike MSM, I like to share all the information that is available to me!

“Yen Ram” to “Hey Ram!” - Having messed up big time the reputation of a fine newspaper The Hindu that was built over 100 years, this commie (yes, a communist and a comedian) shares his unsolicited opinion yet again – nothing new – same old rants and same old lies - 
"The Gujarat pogrom is the elephant in BJP’s parlour. It is the unbreakable genetic connection between 2002 and the present that makes it clear that a Narendra Modi prime ministership would be disastrous for democratic and secular India"
Karan Thapar lies & propaganda countered by Arun Jaitley, point-by-point:
Modi's anointment as BJP PM nominee done in democratic way, says Jaitley

Here is a typical glimpse from an educated, elitist and far-from-reality sickular rant:
Most recently, came across an article and quoting these “words of wisdom” coming straight from the Indian origin author, whose tagline of introduction reads: “a historian based in Copenhagen
“The reasons are well founded. The brutality of anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat, the fake encounter killings, economic boycott of Muslims and spatial segregation that keeps Hindus and Muslims apart in Gujarati cities is all too well know. The thought of Gujarat being replicated on an all-India scale is beyond imagination especially for the minority communities.”
This historian author would never have visited Gujarat even once but liberally comments on the brutality, fake-encounters, segregation and economic boycott of minority Muslims; needless to say that such rhetoric and rants feed on borrowed opinion of the Paid MSM and Intelligentsia.

Now compare all of this with one of our finest journalists who is hugely respected for her outstanding work in Journalism. She has spent almost 4 long decades covering riots and communal disturbances across India. Yes, Madhu Purnima Kishwar. Here is what she had to say about Gujarat and I quote:
“As of now, whatever evidence I have examined convinces me that no man in recent history has been so maligned and hounded so mercilessly for doing all the right things as Narendra Modi. But the issue is not Narendra Modi. He doesn’t need me to defend him. The issue is subversion of democracy in India by systematic manipulation of the media, letting loose a divisive hate campaign designed to create mistrust and fear among Hindus, Muslims and Christians, manipulating agencies of the state—including the judiciary, CBI, IB, police and much else—all to serve the partisan ends of the Congress party’s ruling Dynasty.”
Further, she goes on to say: “Modi bashing is ideologically fashionable”. 
I like her concept of “ideologically fashionable”! Perfectly fits into the Bhadralok character of Lutyens Delhi.
In another article The Kettle Hits Back in Outlook, she argues:
"However, the Gujarat riots of 2002 converted Modi bashing into an extremely rewarding career advancement strategy for media persons, NGO activists, academics and sundry intellectuals. Conversely, you are condemned to lifelong perdition, treated as a political and intellectual outcast subject to unending vilification campaigns starting with being labelled a fascist if you dare say one word either in defense of Modi or suggest a bit of caution to Modi bashers."
Readers may like to know that Madhu Kishwar has since been branded as RSS & Modi stooge by the Paid Media.

In this maze and abundance of cluttered information, it becomes very difficult for the ordinary people like us to be selective and not get easily carried away with opinions and propaganda based on sheer lies. The headlines are intentionally slanted such that they send out totally different message from the actual news or the event that it reports. 

So much for all of us ordinary millions who regularly watch TV news and read newspapers every day to stay “informed” and build our opinions accordingly. 

But there is some good news - the wheels of time are slowly changing:

Karan Thapar, the Devil, has started to tone down his rhetoric and consequently has managed to save his job and the show Devil's Advocate at CNN IBN: Arun Shourie at Devil's advocate:

Congress Mouthpiece, Tehelka has also started to publish such fine article recently, this one is titled Patna blasts: The radio silence on a failed assassination by Smita Barooah, with a footnote: “She writes on social and political issues from a Right Liberal perspective (The views expressed in this column are the writer’s own)” - a protective coating to prevent a possible backlash from the Congress? Quoting these lines from this article:
“The radio silence on a failed assassination has exposed the hypocrisy of various sections of India’s elite: the mainstream media, politicians and many so-called intellectuals. Human rights apply to them and their chosen ones; the rest are expendable. In fact, if the man in question is Narendra Modi, they might even consider it a case of good riddance. “
Mr. Ram Jethmalani concludes his article in The Sunday Guardian: Let truth be known about Modi
"Well, the lengthy SIT process that involved thousands of witnesses and reams of evidence is over, and Modi has emerged unscathed. It is now time that the conspiracy against Modi and Gujarat should forcefully be informed to the general public, the "secular" intellectuals, the opinion makers and the media."
So next time around, before quoting from a mainstream media source, or claiming that you read it in today's newspaper, think again!

“If you abuse Modi you will get a Rajya Sabha seat or a Padma Shree or a Padma Bhushan.” 
~ NaMo

मित्रों, I can not think of better words to close this long and tiresome post - these words from Atal Ji's landmark speech in parliament, that are so very relevant in the current political context:
"इस देश में इस समय लोगों के विचारों में मंथन चल रहा है |  चिंतन की दिशाएं बदल रही हैं | लोग पुरानी मान्यताओं को फिर से कसौटी पर कस रहे हैं | "