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Your Vote is Precious - Use it wisely

"It is never too late to give up your prejudices"
 - Henry David Thoreau

121 Parliamentary Constituencies (PC) go to polls tomorrow (17th April) and 117 PC next week on 24th April. That makes it a whopping 238 PC, almost half the electorate will exercise their franchise on these two dates. I thought it would be an ideal time to re-visit some of my earlier posts, just to refresh and share them once again with the fellow Voters.

Like someone rightly said: “If you don't Vote, you lose the right to complain”. So yes, we must Vote! But what is even more important is to Vote with a Well-informed, Unbiased and Fearless mind. So sharing here some of my thoughts and ideas from past blogposts, only to put forward a perspective as a fellow Voter.

Disclaimer at the outset would be in order: This is not an 'appeal' to Vote for a Particular Party or a Candidate. I am not making a pitch for NaMo as PM – he does not need it. This is just a perspective and opinion of your fellow Voter, Period!

Of Distortians, Intellectuals and Spin-Doctors

Let us start with this one first, as this is where it all Originates from. 
We discussed three broad categories of information resources: Distortians (Level I), Poweratti (Level II) & Spin-Doctors (Level III). These three tribes put together is one big canvas of all those who peddle 'manufactured lies' in the name of 'Facts and Data'. They run their 'daily discourse' on India, from within and outside the country, serving their 'employers'. This has been a 'cottage industry' that has grown around us during the last two decades and they now have taken complete control of our daily lives. They do it for very simple reasons – money, status, job – terms like 'Country' and 'Nation' do not have any place in their dictionary. Yes, you guessed it right, they are Sickular, and let me also add that almost all of them fall under at least one of these categories: Commies, 'Fake-Liberals', 'Left-Liberals' and 'Crony-Socialists'.
Reason why I bring this up here right in the beginning is to highlight the fact that it is the 'Source' of News & Information that is becoming lot more important today than the 'Content'.
In my opinion, this is the most dangerous internal threat that India faces today as a Sovereign Republic.

Decoding NaMo : From a Classical Liberal perspective

Next point of discussion should obviously be the ideology, the 'ism' that would influence our decision on whom to Vote. NaMo is the only elected representative in the current political space in India, of course except JP of LSP, who in the capacity of a CM and now as PM designate, has explicitly, consistently and openly talked about some of the most fundamental aspects of governance, that draw straight from the Classical Liberal ideology – also the ideology that is most identifiable with “Swatantra Party”. Key points are:
  • Minimum Government with Maximum Governance
  • First Order Function
  • Nation First
  • No Appeasement & No Discrimination
  • Equality of Opportunity instead of Equality of Outcome
  • Pro-people, Proactive Good Governance (P2G2)
  • Federal Model of Governance
  • Opposes the very concept of “Nanny State” and “Intrusive Government”

Decoding NaMo : From Lutyens' Delhi perspective

Next, we need to figure out why there is so much of negative Publicity & Tags attached to NaMo.
In this post I coined the term 'Poweratti', that includes Politicians, Diplomats, Bureaucrats, Industrialists, Advocates, Journalists, Authors, Property-Dealers, Socialites, Historians, Artists, etc etc. This is the “gated-community” where no outsiders are allowed.
M R Venkatesh, in his book titled 'A Decade of Decay' has brilliantly argued in a chapter titled: "Modi has arrived. But is India ready?"
NaMo could well disturb the status-quo of the “Poweratti” and bring in a fresh perspective of a free and liberated democracy to the common man.

Decoding NaMo – From The Propaganda Perspective

And finally, NaMo carries the baggage of being a Fascist, Communist, Mass Murderer, Autocratic, Anti-Muslim, Hitler, etc etc. Twelve long years have passed and yet the ghost of 2002 is still not letting go of him. Anti-Modi literature has turned out to be a hugely remunerative cottage industry over the last decade and all actors of this theatre called “Propaganda Politics”, have benefitted tremendously from this industry. Madhu Kishwar says and I quote: “Modi bashing is ideologically fashionable”. I liked her description of “ideologically fashionable” !! Perfectly fits into the Bhadralok character of Lutyens Delhi. Nobody has threatened the very existence of Dynastic Congress other than NaMo.
Let us break free of the Dynastic Rule by Mobocracy and celebrate the True Democracy!

AAP – Theatre of the absurd: a congregation of NGOs, Activists & Bored CEOs

LS 2014 elections would be incomplete without discussing AAP. This post surely would upset many but I write this with a sense of responsibility based on my knowledge of events and facts. This is a classic master-stroke of Congress and the 'Paid Media' is once again doing what it does best, serve the Dynasty. Congress already knows where it stands today as far as 2014 Lok Sabha elections are concerned. Congress has exhausted all their tricks to keep NaMo away from contesting 2014 Lok Sabha polls. So this is the last and final attempt of Congress, pitching AAP against NaMo.

Good Luck, Mother India! May you get the BEST Government that you deserve!!