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Sanjiv Bhatt – Sepoy or Decoy?

Mr. Sanjiv Bhatt, Picture: The Hindu
Last week, National Newspapers covered the news report about sacking of an IPS officer from Gujarat, Mr. Sanjiv Bhatt. I noticed that a very important part of Sanjiv Bhatt's 'life-event' was completely avoided from being mentioned in these news reports, A very relevant detail to the overall scheme of things – but that would change the whole perception of the 'news' then. Obviously this was done with a very clear & firm intent by the Mainstream Media – it is impossible for this to be a simple casual co-incident.
Before we go on to talk about the missing detail & much more, a brief look at these news reports from some of the leading national newspapers:

A 1988-batch IPS officer, Bhatt had filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court, claiming that he had attended a meeting at Modi's residence in Gandhinagar on February 27, 2002, during which the Chief Minister had instructed the top police officers to allow the Hindus "to vent out their anger" after the train-burning incident at Godhra earlier that month.”

The Hindu: Gujarat IPS officer who took on Modi after 2002 riots dismissed
In April 2011, Mr. Bhatt filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court accusing Mr. Modi of “complicity in the 2002 riots” in which over 1,200 people, mostly from the minority community, were massacred.
The 1988 batch IPS officer of Gujarat cadre, Mr. Bhatt was suspended by the Gujarat government after he filed an explosive affidavit in the Supreme Court contending that he “had attended the meeting held by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Modi who had asked the top police officials to let Hindus vent out their anger against the minority community following the attack on the Sabarmati Express in which 59 Hindus were torched to death near the Godhra railway station.”
Times Of India: Suspended Gujarat IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt sacked
He had alleged in an affidavit in the Supreme Court that Narendra Modi, then the chief minister, instructed the top police officers to allow the Hindus "to vent out their anger" after the train-burning incident at Godhra in February 2002.
We can clearly see a pattern emerging here. While all reports categorically explain the background in great detail and drive home an obvious 'motive' behind the sacking, they have intentionally concealed the very important fact that Mrs. Shweta Bhatt, wife of Mr. Sanjiv Bhatt, had contested Gujarat assembly elections on Congress ticket, directly against Mr. Narendra Modi in 2012.

This is a classic case of what I call: “Spin-Craft” or “Supari-Journalism” - discussed in detail in another post titled Of Distortians, Intellectuals and Spin-Doctors


Within a very short span of just four years (2011-2015), Mainstream media made a National Hero out of Sanjiv Bhatt, showcasing him as whistle-blower gone down fighting the Fascist Communal Hindu Nationalist leader of a Hindu majority national party of India (well, this is how the 'sickular' Indian media and the 'communist-evangelical' western media likes to define the democratically elected current Prime Minister of India).

Riding on top of this media frenzy, coupled with a very smart handling of Social Media platform, powered by the 'NGO-Media' nexus; earned him 50,000 plus followers on Facebook and 16,000 plus Followers on Twitter as of today – not bad at all, eh?
For someone to show up from nowhere in 2011 and gain 'national martyrdom' in 2015.

This can happen only in India!

So, who is Sanjiv Bhatt? Let me not get too personal talking about the individual, but I share these links here for the benefit of readers, in case they wish to know more about the Man.

8 Things You Need To Know About The Sacked IPS Officer Who Locked Horns With Modi

TRUTH: Finding it amongst the Lies: Sanjiv Bhatt PPT

Now that we know the person and his full background, let us get back to analyze the fine work Sanjiv Bhatt has put together, for which he has been awarded this 'larger than life' National Hero status.

Mr Sanjiv Bhatt suddenly woke one fine morning in 2011 to do something worthwhile for his country and decided to file an affidavit before the Supreme Court. This sudden awakening of “Desh Seva”, almost nine years after the Gujarat communal riots, does not go down very well, to begin with.
IPS Bhatt lobbied with anti-Modi groups | Picture:
While still in the Services as a senior IPS officer, he spent some 'quality time' to connect with the state-level leaders of the opposition - Congress party, (exchanging some 'packages', accepting high-end Blackberry mobile phones); networked with top gun NGOs (such as Teesta Setalvad, Shabnam Hashmi of ‘Anhad’ and Father Sedrick Prakash of ‘Prashant) and the Media (Such as Manoj Mitta of Times of India). These people were still enjoying the 'fruits of communal riots of 2002' and milking the ever flourishing 'anti-Modi industry' at that time. They all joined together for the 'common cause' and helped him draft a legal affidavit which he files at Supreme Court of India on 15th April, 2011.

Two years later, On 30th April 2013, SIT appointed by none other than Supreme Court, gave its verdict stating that Sanjiv Bhatt did not attend Modi's Feb 2002 meeting.

For any law-abiding self-respecting person, legally demolished claims and such indictment should be the end of road, no? Wrong. The new age 'krantikari' & 'secular' activists of independent India find better ways to fight for their rights. 

Shweta Bhatt and suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhat  
One year after filing the 'explosive' affidavit at Supreme Court, enters Mrs. Shweta Bhatt. Sanjiv Bhatt fields his wife Mrs. Shweta Bhatt into electoral politics of 2012 Gujarat assembly elections. The battle ground is also set by the Congress – Ground Zero is Maninagar constituency of Ahmedabad, against NaMo.

A confession: Sanjiv Bhatt would have been my Hero as well, provided his wife had contested as an INDEPENDENT candidate from Maninagar against NaMo, surely not on behalf of Congress.

NDTV, The Congress mouth piece, was ecstatic:

Gujarat polls: Suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt's wife to contest against Narendra Modi, files nomination papers
Maninagar (Gujarat): In a red cotton sari, her husband and suspended cop Sanjiv Bhatt by her side, newcomer Shweta Bhatt filed nomination papers today as the Congress' candidate from Maninagar in Ahmedabad and instantly found the spotlight on her. She is contesting elections against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
"This shows the Congress failed to find a single leader who can contest the election against Modi. The Congress is taking Gujaratis for granted," a senior editor of a Gujarati daily newspaper told

Madhu Kishwar in MODINAMA 6 says and I quote:
“Instead of succeeding in getting Modi implicated, Sanjiv Bhatt ended up being seriously indicted by the SIT for his mischief.”
“But since the media either ignored the SIT report or joined Teesta Setalvad in attacking SIT and continued repeating the same old hackneyed charges against Modi even after he was cleared by the SIT report, Bhatt continued being treated as a hero who had taken on the “Hitlerian tyrant” Modi.
Congress rewarded Sanjiv Bhatt’s wife Shweta Bhatt with a Congress ticket to fight the 2012 election against Narendra Modi. Shweta Bhatt’s campaign was run by a colourful coalition that included Shabnam Hashmi’s Anhad, Teesta Setalvad’s CJP, Togadia’s VHP, Vinay Katyar’s Bajrang Dal and elements of the RSS!

As expected, Sanjiv Bhatt abuses the Services “code of conduct” triggering yet another controversy as "Sanjiv Bhatt canvassing for wife against law”
In a letter written to the Election Commission of India, Government of India, and Chief Secretary, Gujarat, Dr. Thakur said, "the acts of the Bhatts prima facie seem to be clear cut violation of Section 123 (7) (a) and 123 (7) (d) of the Representation of People Act, 1951."

" Under these laws, a gazetted officer or a police officer making any assistance (other than giving vote) for the furtherance of the prospects of the candidate's election are defined under "corrupt practices"."

"Sanjeev accompanied his wife all through the nomination and has been seen openly canvassing for her. A distinction must be maintained between the conduct of officers and politicians," Dr Thakur told The Hindu, adding that Section 129 (2) of the same Act declared assistance by a police officer punishable upto six months imprisonment.

But the Fans of Sanjiv Bhatt, or may I use their own term – Bhatt Bhakts - don’t have a problem with all this and they refuse to accept the Facts. Quoting from a Blog that routinely celebrates Sanjiv Bhatt:
I don't know about Congress's methods in giving tickets, but if they choose to give a ticket to Sanjiv's wife, so be it. His wife – by supporting the gang of thugs known as Congress – has lost my support, but does that mean Sanjiv's testimony as a professional is contaminated? NO.
Oh yes, by all means YES. Sanjiv Bhatt's testimony, credibility & reputation as a professional; is not just 'contaminated' but becomes suspect of malice, and goes for a huge toss with this Congress ticket. It is a pity that YOU fail to recognize and see it that way. On the contrary, you even go to the extent of re-writing the Services “Code of Conduct” rules just so to accommodate and validate your Hero.


Then comes the historic 2012 Gujarat assembly poll results declaring: 

Modi Roars Back to Victory

After losing to Modi, Shweta Bhatt said, "Gujarat deserves Modi and that that's why they have voted for him...It doesn't shock me. It hurts that the people of Gujarat cannot see the hidden truth,"
Let us read it once again: “It hurts that the people of Gujarat cannot see the hidden truth”! Wow, you are 'legally demolished' & 'democratically defeated', still you put the blame on people for not being able to see the 'hidden truth'. This is the level of arrogance and utter contempt you have towards the highest offices of judiciary and the democratic processes.

Anyway, NaMo records a landslide victory for the third time in a row from Maninagar constituency with a record margin of 86373 Votes.

In this interesting observation, Shweta`s plan shows Sanjiv Bhatt`s fight was political: BJP,
BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said: "Congress is exposed thoroughly today. In the last 10 years, they carried out a hate campaign...They defamed Gujarat to the hilt. And Sanjiv Bhatt became a major pawn in the hands of Congress.”
Also, as Paresh Rawal had rightly commented : Modi too would lose election if he contests on Congress’ ticket

So, this was nothing more than political game-plan, full of cheap & dirty tricks all the way, that eventually backfired. Sanjiv Bhatt just played out his role assigned to him by his masters - Indian National Congress.

So, here is the summary on an IPS officer who:
  • has a chequered track record,
  • hobnobs with Congress leaders, sham NGOs and corrupt Media,
  • files a bogus affidavit in Supreme Court, nine years after the incident,
  • SIT investigation rejects the affidavit,
  • indicted by SIT for the mischief,
  • fields his wife on a Congress ticket against NaMo,
  • wife loses assembly polls,
  • Continues to stay in public-eye through smart SN and corrupt MSM.
Whistle-blowers and Honest officers while on-duty DO NOT collude with political parties.

Just before publishing this post, read another story: The lesson from Sanjiv Bhatt’s dismissal: there’s nobody to protect whistle-blowing civil servants by Harsh Mander.

It is curious that we find the same old names in circulation, members from the 'gang of extraordinary Fake-tivists', drumming up support for each other.